Air Source Heat Pumps

Generate renewable heat and hot water.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We are proud to offer our customers the future of home heating. Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are quickly becoming the main heating source for domestic houses in the UK. Fossil fuel burning boilers were introduced in the 1950’s and this old technology is now being phased out. Heating our homes accounts for a massive amount of our total carbon emissions – it has been proven that heat pumps are more efficient, and they are much better for the environment.The government recently announced that boilers will be banned in all new houses from 2025, and homeowners will be unable to replace their boiler with a fossil fuel boiler when they need a replacement system. 

Now is the best time to make the switch to clean heating – while the government incentive of the RHI still exists. Take advantage of up to £12,000 of tax free money – rather than waiting until it’s mandatory to install a heat pump but there is no rebate or incentive for doing so!

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LG R32 Monobloc Heat Pump

How does a heat pump work? Using a small amount of electricity and air, very similar to how a fridge works – but in reverse


The heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air


The heat pump compresses the air to increase it’s temperature


The heat is transferred to your radiators or underfloor heating


The heat also travels to your hot water tank


You control the temperature from the LG thermostat provided


You enjoy cheaper, greener heating & hot water

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THERMA V R32 Monobloc provides reliable and powerful heating for the indoor environment. It can operate even at extremely cold weather like -25°C. Moreover, it can offer leaving water temperature of 65°C at maximum.


Tech Specs

LG’s R32 ASHP has been designed to provide great user benefits – such as energy savings, perfect indoor comfort, easy controls & reduced environmental impact. Through continuous research and development of green energy technologies such as R32 refrigerant and the new R1 scroll compressor, this heat pump provides excellent energy efficiency. Available in a size range of 5kw to 16kw, there is a heat pump suitable for almost every home.

Tech Specs

Size and Weight (9kw unit)

Energy Label Rating

Connections and Monitoring


Most frequent questions and answers

How loud are air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps have a sound level of approximately 50 decibels at 1 meter. This is equivalent to an average dishwasher or the sound of a light conversation. From the inside, ASHP’s generally can not be heard, unless sited near an open window. 

Are air source heat pumps efficient?

In terms of efficiency they can run as high as 400% efficient , for every 1kw of electrical energy consumed  by the heat pump upto 4kw of heat is delivered.

I’ve heard that air source heat pumps are expensive to run – is this true?

This depends on output temperature of the heat pump, the lower the better – for instance a well designed underfloor heating system can run at 35 degrees and a 400% efficiency which is cheap to run,  however a poor radiator system running at 65 degrees can be just 270% efficient – costing more to run.

Do I need a well insulated property for an air source heat pump?

A well insulated property is important regardless of the heating source. The less insulation there is, the more heat will be required.

Can air source heat pumps provide space heating and domestic hot water without a back up?

Yes air source heat pumps generally provide all your heating and hot water demands, they can heat domestic hot water up to 60 degrees, which is plenty hot enough ( bathing temp is 35-40 degrees).

Are air source heat pumps suitable for me?

Air source heat pumps are suitable for most properties, up to certain size and layout levels. ASHP’s are most popular with off-gas properties, though many people choose to install them when mains gas is available.most suitable for properties off the gas grid. 

Is planning required for air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps are classed as permitted development if;

Where is an air source heat pump sited?

Air source heat pumps are generally sited on the outside wall of a house as near as practicable to the pipework for the central heating/hot water system.

What is the maintenance for air source heating systems?

It is recommended by manufacturers that the heat pump system is maintained annually and Bi annually for larger commercial systems.   This maintenance schedule consists of glycol top ups, filter changing, checking pressures, checking controls and settings and cleaning of various parts of the system.