Connect your heat pump with a variable electricity tariff and save up to 35% on your heating bills! FREE smart thermostat RRP £150!

Did you know, that we pay a fixed price for a unit for electricity, regardless of the time of day we use it? A fair system, if wholesale cost of electricity is the same 24 hours a day…but what if wholesale costs of electricity are actually drastically cheaper when demand is low, shouldn’t we be paying drastically less?

Octopus Energy have introduced the first electricity tariff which truly reflects the market rate for electricity. Agile Octopus allows customers to pay as little as 2p per kWh hour when electricity demand is low, instead of the UK average flat rate 15.5p per kWh!

Homely Energy’s smart thermostat for heat pumps automatically heats your home inline with the cheapest price for elecrticity, on a variable tariff such as Octopus Agile. 

Homely system will learn how long your house takes to heat up and cool down. It then looks at weather forecasts and electricity prices to make sure your house is heated at the cheapest times throughout the day to meet your desired temperatures.

All you have to do is download the Homely App, set your temperature preferences just once, and that’s it! The rest is taken care of for you! Your heat pump will be operating as cheaply as possible….using cutting edge technology, fair electricity pricing and fully renewable energy. What’s not to love?!

Get £100 Octopus credit when you install a Homely Energy system!

We are offering a referral scheme where customers can split £100 Octopus credit when they install a Homely Energy thermostat.
Homely Energy we are building a community and have created a platform for customers to share their referral codes with future Homely Energy users.
This way you can receive £100 credit (£50 when you sign-up to Octopus and £50 when the next Homely Energy user signs-up to Octapus using your code!).